Pan handle blue and white

Cookware pan handle with Chinese blue and white porcelain coating. This coating is blue and white water transfer printing. The Bakelite pan handle with White and blue porcelain water transfer film. Makes the cookware handle with Chinese traditional look. 

Cookware handle set: two bakelite long handles, two Bakelite pot ear, one cookware knob

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Item: cookware pan handle Bakelite with blue and white painting.

Cookware handle set: including bakelite long handle, bakelite side handle, bakelite knob.

Material: Phenolic/Bakelite handle

Heat resistant, stay cool when cooking.

Color: blue and white color mixed as the Procelain

Dishwasher safe. Heat resistant to temperature of 150 centigrade degree. 

Pan handle blue and white (1)
Pan handle blue and white (4)

MATERIAL: Constructed of heat-resistant Bakelite. High-quality Phenolic Bakelite, resistant temperature 160 degree centigrade, high resistant of scratching. The cookware Bakelite long handle is suitable for frying pan, steam pan, stewing pan Woks, saucepan and so on. Non-absorbent, non electric conduction, high temperature resistance and high strength. 

Product Parameter

Description: A mold with 6 cavities, the metal head can hold the weight capacity of the entire pot.

Dishwasher-safe (but prolonged heat and steam can dull the surface shine), usually suggest hand wash. 

Screws or washers are not included in the handle.

Provides a sturdy grip: Bakelite pan handles are heat-resistant and help to grip cookware easily and comfortably.

Pan handle blue and white (2)
Pan handle blue and white (5)

Allow safe operation: Secure the heat resistant pan handle to the pot or pan. This helps prevent accidents and burns if the handle comes off during cooking or service. It is strong and durable.

Heat transfer: The heat transfer of bakelite is slow, help stop transfer heat from the cooking surface to the hand. 

Durability: Bakelite handles are known for their durability, scratch resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance. In general, metal handles play a vital role in the function and safety of kitchenware.

Traditional look of Chinese blue and white porcelain

Pan handle blue and white (6)


Q1: Where is your factory?

A: Ningbo port,China, Shipment is convenient.

Q2:What is the fastest delivery?

A: About  30days, some urgent order can be 20days.

Q3:How many hours the workers will work per day?

A: 8-10 hours, we have 3 shift of worker for whole day working.

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