Cookware Spare Parts

Cookware spare parts

Cookware spare parts are vital for Aluminum cookware manufacturing. We'd be more than happy to provide you with the cookware accessories you need. Below is a list of cookware accessories we can offer:

1. Induction bottom: We have various specifications and sizes of induction bottom plate to meet your different needs. Round induction hole bottom, Square induction bottom disk, rectangular induction disk, and induction plate with different patterns.
2. Handle Flame guard: We provide high quality cookware Flame guards to protect your aluminum pan from damage. It is a connection part to separate the handle and pan.
3. Rivets: We provide various types of rivets, including aluminum Rivet and stainless steel rivet, to ensure a good and strong connection. Aluminum Rivets can be divided to flat head rivet, and Round head rivet/mush head rivet, solid rivets for pan handle, Solid Rivet, Tubular Rivets.
4. Welding studs: We provide high-strength welding studs, which can effectively connect various parts of the cooker.
5. Metal Connectors: We have a variety of metal connectors, such as metal Hinges, Aluminum handle Brackets, handle connectors, etc., which can help you connect different parts of your cooker together.
6. Screw and washers: We provide screw and washers in various specifications and sizes to increase the stability and sealing of the connection. If you are interested in any of the above accessories or have other needs, please feel free to ask us. We will wholeheartedly provide you with quality products and services.

Different kinds of Induction bottom plates

1. Induction disk/induction bottom  

The Induction base plate acts as a bridge between traditional aluminum pans and induction hobs, bringing the best of both worlds together. Our induction adapter plates, also known as induction bottom plate or induction converters, are designed to solve the compatibility issues faced by many aluminum pan owners who are unable to use their favorite cookware on induction hobs.

The material is usually S.S410 or S.S430, Stainless iron 430 is better, cause it has stronger corrosion resistance than 410. The shape of the induction steel plate will not affect the magnetic conductivity effect. Sometimes if the magnetic conductivity is poor, you can try using another induction cooker.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. We understand your frustration when you find out that your favorite cookware is not compatible with induction cooker. That's why our team of experienced professionals has created a reliable solution to solve this problem. Our induction adapter plates/induction cooker base plate are carefully crafted to deliver great results every time. 

Round induction Base

Induction disk (8)
Induction disk (7)
Induction disk (6)
Induction disk (5)
Induction disk (4)
Induction disk (3)
Induction disk (2)
Induction disk (2)
induction bottom plate5

Various sizes for induction bottoms

Induction disk (14)

Snowflake induction base plate

Size:  Dia. 118/133/149/164/180/195/211mm

Dot: Dia. 38mm

Induction disk (13)

Honeycomb steel plate

Size:  Dia. 118/133/149/164/180/195/211mm,


Induction disk (12)

Waterdrop steel plate

Size:  Dia. 140/158/174/190mm

Dot: Dia. 38mm

Induction disk (11)

LEGO induction base plate

Size:  Dia. 140/178/205mm

Dot: Dia. 32mm

Induction disk (10)

Tyre induction base plate

Size:  Dia. 118/140/158/178/190mm

Dot: Dia. 42mm

Induction disk (9)

Storm induction steel plate

Size:  Dia. 118/133/149/164/180/195/211mm

Dot: Dia. 45mm

Induction disk (15)

Original induction base plate

Size:  Dia. 118/133/149/164/180/195/211mm

Dot: Dia. 45mm

Induction bottom plate2

Robot induction bottom plate

Size:  Dia. 117/147/207mm

Dot: Dia. 45mm

Induction disk (1)

Deluxe induction steel plate

Size:  Dia. 118/133/149/164/180/195/211mm

Dot: Dia. 45mm

Various shapes for induction bottoms

Rectangular induction disk

Size:  130x110mm, 130x150mm

Dot: Dia. 45mm

Rectangualr induction
Rectangular inducrion disk

Oval induction disk

Size:  130x165mm

Dot: Dia. 45mm

Applications on cookware

For Cast Aluminum Tamagoyaki pan or square Aluminum fry pans, Aluminum Roasters

rectangular induction bottom
Induction disk

For Aluminum Frying pan with round bottom. The material is Stainless steel 430 or stainless steel 410

Heat diffuser plate

The Heat diffuser plate for gas stove can be placed directly on the flame or fire, in this way the heat will be distributed evenly across the bottom of the pot and prevents the annoying spurts of food while cooking. There are many advantages:

  1. 1. Made of Stainless steel, removable plastic handle, compact storage; It Will not destroy the cooking surface;
  2. 2. The Diameter is 20cm, 8 inches. Easy to store it after use.
  3. 3. Uniform absorption and diffusion of heat, improve energy efficiency; Remove hot POTS and handles; Use a safe stove on electricity stove, gas stove, and ceramic stoves.

4. With our heat cooking diffuser, stove heat diffuser Simmer sauces and other foods at a gentle simmer, do not let them burn or boil, It helps balance smaller POTS such as butter heaters and espresso machines durable, lightweight and sturdy; non rust; Longer cold handle to keep hands safe from heat; Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. 

heat diffuser plate

Flame Guard Simmer Plate

Size:  Dia. 200mm

heat diffuser

Heat diffuser plate with plastic handle

Heat resistant, removable handle

Easy to store in the cabinet.


8'' inches Stove Stainless Steel Flame Guard Heat Diffuser Reducer Simmer Plate

2.  Handle Flame Guard

Aluminum round Cookware flame guard Handle flame guard. Cookware Handle Attachment The Flame guard is a safety device added to cookware handles to prevent accidental fires caused by flames coming into contact with the handle. Flame guard on fry pan handle, connection of handle and pans, protecting handle from been burnt by fire. Some flame guard with clip line inside, the handle would be clipped firmly and tightly.

Material of Flame guard is usually made of aluminum or stainless steel, both of which offer good corrosion resistance and durability. If you want to change the look of it, you can choose to spray paint it. Spray painting can add color and decorative effect to the Handle Flame guard

Flame guard with color coating

Flame guard
Flame guard (6)
Flame Guard-

Some Aluminum Flame guards

Rectangular Flame Guard Aluminum Alloy

Flame guard (2)

Unique Flame Guard Aluminum Alloy

Flame guard (10)

Tube Flame Guard Aluminum Alloy

Flame guard (9)

 Round Flame Guard with stripes Aluminum Alloy

Flame guard (8)

Apple Flame Guard with stripes Aluminum Alloy

Flame guard (7)

Preminum Flame Guard Aluminum Alloy

Flame guard (5)

Oval Flame Guard with stripes Aluminum Alloy

Flame guard (4)

Triangle Flame Guard Aluminum Alloy

Flame guard (3)

Trapeziform Flame Guard Aluminum Alloy

Flame guard (1)

Stainless Steel Flame Guards

Stainless steel material, anti-corrosion and durable in use. The water would not store in the handle when use, to solve one complaint in cooking.

Stainless Steel Flame Guard (2)
Stainless Steel Flame Guard (3)

Polishing finish for the Flame gaurd, makes the fry pan with shiney  and brand new look. Handle flame guard for saucepot, frying pans, and other cookware needed.

Applications on cookware handle

Cookware flame guard for frying pans, Bakelite long handle. Each flame guard is designed specially for each handle. 

Stainless Steel Flame Guard (1)
Aluminum Flame guards
Aluminum Flame Guard (2)

3. Rivets

Aluminum rivets are a type of fastener used in a wide variety of applications, including the construction, automotive, and aerospace industries. They are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant. Aluminum Rivets are formed by drilling a hole in two pieces of material and then threading the shank of the rivet through the hole. Once in place, the head deforms to provide a firm and permanent fixation.

Aluminum rivets sizes come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, brazier head aluminum rivets and they are an excellent choice for applications where strength, durability and light weight are critical. They can be used to join metal, plastic, and other materials together and are used in a variety of settings, such as the construction of aircraft, boats, trailers, and automobiles.

Aluminum solid Rivet Aluminum tube, Various sizes available.

Aluminum rivet (3)
Aluminum rivet (2)

Flat head rivet, for various application. The Aluminum is soft but strong in use.

Aluminum rivet (1)
Aluminum rivet (5)
Aluminum Rivet nuts (1)

Stainless steel Rivet

Semi Aluminum solid Rivet Aluminum tube, Various sizes available.

S.S Rivet
Stainless Steel rivet

Stainless steel Semitubular rivet, stainless steel  rivets, Smooth surface with shiny look. 

Application of Aluminum rivet on Cookware



The Aluminum Rivets and Stainless steel Rivets are usually used for cookware. Especially Stamping Aluminum or Die cast Aluminum cookware. 

It is strong and durable in use. 

Application of Aluminum rivet



Cookware Aluminum rivets as vital as cookware, it is the important in the cookware production and daily life.

4. Weld studs/Pan Handle Metal Bracket/Metal hinge/washer and screws

These are very important spare parts for cookware and daily use. Cookware Aluminum welding stud, it is also called weld stud, it is an Aluminum part with screw thread inside. Thus the pan and handle can be connected by the force of screw. Introducing our revolutionary Aluminum Weld Stud-the ultimate solution for seamless joining of aluminum cookware, designed for stamped or forged aluminum cookware.  Pan Handle Metal Bracket is made of Aluminum or Iron, with durable and strong effect in use. 

Welding Studs

Aluminum Stud(3)

Aluminum Brackets

Aluminum bracket (1)

Stainless steel Brackets for screw

Hinge and connection (5)

Stainless steel Brackets for screw 2

Hinge and connection (4)

Connection part for kettle handle

Hinge and connection (6)

Screw and washer

Washer and screw

Customized products

We have R&D department, with 2 engineers who are specialized in product design and research. Our design team works on custom saucepan spare parts, such as Induction base, cookware Flame guard, handle bracket, Hinge, connection part, and some other products . We will design and develop according to customer’s ideas or product drawings. To ensure meeting the requirements, we will first create 3D drawings and make prototype samples after confirmation. Once customer approve the prototype, we proceed to tooling development and produce batch samples. In this way, you will receive a custom cookware spare parts that meets your expectations. 





Mak 3D drawing first for each product, 2D darwing for checking sizes of each part. Then make a mock up sample for confirmation.

Our design

Our design

3D Drawing

Our design Flame guard -2D drawing

About our Factory

NINGBO XIANGHAI KITCHENWARE CO.,LTD. We have more than 20 years production and exporting experience. With more than 200 workers. The land scale of more than 20000square kilo meters.  All the factory and workers are with skilled and plenty of working experience.  

Our sales market throughout the world, products are exported to Europe, North America, Asia and other places. We have established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known brands and gained a good reputation, such as NEOFLAM in Korea. At the same time, we also actively explore new markets, and continue to expand the sales scope of products.

Our factory has advanced equipment, efficient assembly line production system, experienced workers, as well as diversified product types and broad sales market. We are committed to providing customers with quality products and satisfactory service, and constantly strive for excellence.


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