Cookware Bakelite long handle

Heat-resistant plastic Bakelite handles, fry pans handle pot handle

Weight: 110-130g

Material: Phenolic/ Bakelite/plastic

Customization is available.

Heat resistant, stay cool when cooking.

The limit temperature for use is about 160 degree centigrade.

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Why you choose this Cookware Bakelite long handle?

Tips for replacing the Bakelite long handle: The most common problem is that the handle doesn't fit. In fact, it does. The key is to line up the screw to the hole. Since most people end up using one hand to hold the saucepan, you only have one hand to try to fit in the screw. The easiest way is to push the screw into the Bakelite handle with a screwdriver and then try to line it up to the hole.

DESIGN: bio-fit grip, easy and comfortable to catch, complying with human hand, you can grip the lid easily. It also can prevent the hot lids from burning hands.

FEATURES: Heat-resistant ergonomic handle is perfect replacement for your cookware.

STRUCTURE: Designed with a hole can be hung easily.

SPARES: Installing screws are not Included Here.

CAUTIONS: Do not put the Cookware Bakelite long handle in oven, it can not stand long time heating in the oven.

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The properties of Cookware Bakelite long handle make them ideal for handles that are exposed to high temperatures, such as those on cookware or appliances. The BAKELITE POT HANDLE is also resistant to chemicals and moisture, which makes them suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments, such as gardening tools or sporting goods. Heat resistant pan handles and unveral pan handles are also availble in our categories. 


Where is your factory?

Ningbo,China, a city with port.

What is the fastest delivery?

Usually, we can finish one order within 20days.

What is the MOQ of soft touch cookware handle?

Usually 2000pcs, small order also acceptable.

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