Metal Pot Bakelite Long Handles

A Metal pot handle is a type of cookware made of metal materials such as aluminum, steel or stainless steel. The Bakelite long handle is heat resistant and comfortable to hold while cooking. Bakelite is a plastic known for its excellent heat resistance and durability, making it ideal for cookware handles. The heat resistant pan handles are ideal helper for cooking a variety of dishes including soups, stews, pasta and sauces.

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Metal Pot handles Bakelite long handle pan handles silver metal color

Item: Metal pan long handle with metal insert

Length: 192mm/ 215mm, two sizes

Weight: 120-140g

Thickness: 3.0mm for metal insert

Material: Phenolic/bakelite, Iron Chrome plated or stainless steel as customized.

Mould: one mould with 2-8 cavities.

Customization is available.

Color: normally it is black, some colors can be made. Soft touch handles with color

The Metal pot handle use on cookware

FUNCITONS: high-standard bakelite/phenolic, Heat-resistant of temperature 160 degree centigrade. Pass the standard EN12983. The insert is made of iron or stainless steel plate, one function is for decoration, make your cookware better look, to be a high-end series.

the metal pot handle is strong, the metal parts on the bakelite handle are 2mm thick steel plate, Iron chrome-plated, polished stainless steel or aluminum alloy. There are different configurations of separate and cooking pot handles for customers to choose and use with different types of pots or woks.  stainless steel plates on the surface is fine finished,  no burrs and no dents.

Metal Pot handle use on wok
Metal Pot handle use on wok (2)

EASY TO CLEAN: Bakelite pan handle is very easy to wash, after using, flush with warm water or wipe with wet cloth.It is also dishwasher safe. For the metal part, it is better to stay cool and dry, to ensure a longer service life. Please do put the cookware pan handle in the oven. 

Metal Pot handle cookware handle (4)
Metal Pot handle cookware handle (5)

Packaging Details of Metal pan handles.

The standard packaging method is that each bakelite handle placed next to each other,one layer with a cardboard. and the appropriate quantity is packed in a carton and then packaged. Any other packaging can be packaged according to customer requirements. China cookware handle as the best support for customers' requirement. 


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Q1: How long it will take from factory to port?

A: about one hour’s drive by car.

Q2:What is the fastest delivery?

A: we can finish within 25days.

Q3: How do you control the products quality?

A: Our professional QC will check by each step during production, to ensure the finished products with good quality.

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