Customization is Our Core competence


Our company Ningbo Xianghai Kitchenware Co.,ltd. is specializes in the production of various cookware products, from Bakelite prototypes to Bakelite pot knobs to Bakelite electrical appliance shells, From Aluminum cookware to Aluminum rivet, from glass lid to silicone glass cover. we have a wide range of product lines. Compared with other factories, our proud feature is having a strong professional design and development team. In today's 21st century, having professional design and development talents has become the core competitiveness of factories. Especially for factories that focus on manufacturing spare parts and accessory products, design is the key to product performance and serving life. We firmly believe that with our professional design and development team, we can continuously introduce new products and provide customers with excellent products to meet various needs.

Besides the upper products, we especially have Research and Design team for making some customized products. Such as some spare parts for special products. Anything you need,we can find the way. We have made customized Hinge for Germany customer’s Grill. We have designed a new functional handle for customer’s cookware.

designer and drawing 2
designer and drawing

Our advantages

Our R&D department, with 2 engineers who are specialized in product design and research for more than 10 years. Our design team works on custom Bakelite long handles and other cookware spare parts for cooking pots. We are able to design and develop according to customer’s ideas or product 3D drawings. To ensure meeting Customer’s requirements, we will first create 3D drawings and make prototype mock up samples. Once customer approve the mock up sample, we proceed to tooling mould development and produce batch samples. In this way, you will receive a customized Bakelite pan handles that meets your expectations.

 If a company or factory only focuses on producing products and neglects design development, it will miss the opportunity to keep pace with the times and changes in customer needs. At the same time, companies with innovative design capabilities can better meet market demand and improve product quality and competitiveness. Therefore, continuous design innovation can help companies stand out in the market, win the favor of consumers, and succeed in fierce competition.

Our company was founded about 20 years ago, we have worked for many famous brand companies, they are from all over the world. Including Middle East, Italy, Spain, Korea and Japan customers. Such as brand Vitrinor, Neoflam,Lock,Carote,etc. We provide different products design for each customer. 

一. Some examples for our Cookware handle designs:

1.This is one of our new handles we designed for an Middle East Customer. This handle is strong and thick. It fit for Italian cookware,which are all heavy and deluxe. Those handle have helped customer won big qty of order, and become the best seller. 

Drawing for handle

New handles-

Long Handle on frying pan

new handle

2.Below Metallic cookware long handle is designed for one Spain customer. It is made of Stainless steel with Bakelite. This handle is much more complicated than just Bakelite handle. The mould cost would be more,cause each part need a mould. Besides, production need much more labor, so the cost be more. The products have been recognized and loved by the market. 

2D Drawing

Drawing of handle

Batch samples

Batch samples

3. Below are pan handles we designed for one Korean customer. Those handles are Modern and fashionable. The modern and stylish looks are usually popular among young people. Young people are usually more willing to try new fashion trends and pursue unique and personalized styles. They are also more willing to accept new design concepts and innovative matching methods. Therefore, the fashion industry usually continuously introduces new products to cater to the tastes and preferences of young people.  

Bakelite handle with leather look

Bakelite handle 5

Round and lovely Bakelite handle

bakelite handles_4

Our Core competence is still our Designers and R&D department. The product development and research capabilities, as well as the ability to transform customer needs, are all very important competitiveness. To further expand our competitiveness,we keep consider the following: Innovative technology and design: Continue to invest in the research and development of new technologies and continuously improve the innovation capabilities of product design and manufacturing to meet the changing needs of customers.

Quality and Reliability: Not only satisfy customers' ideas, but also ensure that the quality and reliability of products reach the highest standards, improving customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and strict quality control.

Market expansion and marketing: Actively explore new markets, expand customer base, establish a good brand image and reputation, strengthen communication and cooperation with customers, and ensure that customer needs are met.

International development: Consider expanding the international market, utilizing global resources, strengthening international business cooperation, enhancing international competitiveness, and laying the foundation for the company's long-term development. These aspects are all ways to help your company expand its core competencies. You can develop targeted plans and strategies based on your company's actual situation. 

二.Some more examples for our other cookware spare parts:

1.New induction bottom base, we have made drawing and design as customers’ need for induction bottom. First, we need to know the Bottom Diameter of cooking pots, then as customer’s requirement, to design pattern for it. Which has been the customized products.  

Induction bottom base
Induction bottom base

2.Cookware flame guard sample, if you have one cookware handle, we can make design for your cookware handle if you send us handle sample or give us the handle drawings. We understand your needs for cookware flame guard samples and bakelite handle designs. If you have existing cookware handles, we can design handles for your cookware using the handle samples or handle drawings you provide. It is worth noting that handle flame guards are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel metal. We'd be happy to assist you further with this process, so please feel free to contact us if you require any additional information or support.

Handle flame guard
handle flame guard

3.Tempered glass lid, it is an important part for cookware, it also need to design based on different shape of cookware, like square glass lid, Oval Roaster glass lid. It is very vital for the design of glass lids. Visible Strainer glass lid toughened glass stainless steel 304 health kettle glass pot cover heat resistant lid. 

Tempered glass lid 2
Tempered glass lid 1

4.Handle Bracket, metal pan bracket, which is the connecting part of fry pan with cookware body. The measurements need to design and test for each small parts. Made of Stainless steel or iron.The dimensions need to be checked carefully. Usually the finish is polishing, just need them to be smooth, no other more process. 

Handle bracket
Handle bracket drawing

5.Aluminum welding stud, also known as welding studs, are commonly used in the welding industry. These studs are designed to be welded to a workpiece, providing points for further welding or attachment of other components. They come in various shapes and sizes to suit different welding applications. Aluminum welding studs are commonly used in industries such as construction, automotive, and manufacturing and play a vital role in creating strong and durable welded connections.

Aluminum welding studs
Aluminum welding stud

6.Aluminum rivet nuts, also known as bracket nut inserts, are versatile fasteners used to form strong threaded connections in materials where traditional nuts and bolts cannot be used. They are typically used in situations where access is only possible from one side of the material. Flat head rivets are another type of fastener used to join materials together, especially in applications that require a smooth, flush surface. Aluminum rivet nuts and flat head rivets are both used in a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications to provide strength and ease of fastening to materials.

Aluminum rivet nuts
Aluminum rivet

What do we need to prepare for a new design?    

- First check the sample and measurements, make design based on it.

- Confirm the 3D drawing with customer.

- If need modify, we will adjust until the perfect drawing.

- Make a mock up sample, send to customer for check if okay to use.

- If okay, we proceed the mould, the first batch as Pre-shipment samples.

- Confirm the sample, then start the mass production.  

 We have fully automatic production machines that can produce 24 hours a day to achieve the highest production efficiency. 

Which market we serve for ?

Home and Kitchen, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing industry, etc.

In order to further expand the market, it is recommended to strengthen partnerships with industries, customize solutions that meet specific industry needs, and increase brand exposure by participating in industry exhibitions, professional summits, etc. In addition, we continue to carry out product innovation and technology upgrades, improve the after-sales service system, meet the needs of customers in different industries, and continuously increase market share.

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Why Do You Choose XIANGHAI?

Located in Ningbo ,China, with a scale of 20,000 square meter, we have skilled workers about 80. Injection machine 10, Punching machine 6, Cleaning line 1, Packing line 1. Our product type is more than 300, manufacturing experience of Bakelite handle for cookware more than 20 years. 

Our sales market throughout the world, products are exported to Europe, North America, Asia and other places. We have established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known brands and gained a good reputation, such as NEOFLAM in Korea and DISNEY Brand. At the same time, we also actively explore new markets, and continue to expand the sales scope of products. 

In summary, our factory has advanced equipment, efficient assembly line production system, experienced workers, as well as diversified product types and broad sales market. We are committed to providing customers with quality products and satisfactory service, and constantly strive for excellence.

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