Bakelite side handle pot handle

Heat resistant bakelite side handle, stay cool when cooking, the limit temperature for use is about 160-180 degree centigrade, please do not put into oven or directly on the fire.

Weight: 40-80g

Material: Phenolic/ bakelite/plastic

Mould: one mould 2-8 cavities, each mould have a long service life.

Customization is available.

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Our bakelite helper handle for sauce pan is with high quality, all the material reach EU standard. The strength and hardness is more than normal plastic or nylon handle. The raw material is high-quality phenolic, commonly known as bakelite, one of the most complicated compound. It can fit all the casseroles, sauce pans and some S.S pressure cooker. With beautiful surface and diversified product use; High strength, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance; Simple maintenance, convenient cleaning and bright finishing.

Bakelite is a plastic widely used for cookware handles because it is lightweight, heat-resistant and comfortable to hold. It has a smooth surface and is easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, Bakelite handles do not conduct heat, reducing the risk of burns and making them safe to handle. They come in all shapes and sizes for different types of cookware. Overall, cookware with Bakelite side handles is a practical and user-friendly option for any kitchen.



1. Product pot side handle quality is excellent and stable.

2. Affordable factory lowest and best prices.

3. Timely and fastest delivery for order.

4. Products after-sale service is guaranteed.

5. Factory near the port,shipment is convenient.


Casserole/ pot/ sauce pan helper handle

When designing Bakelite side handles for cookware, the ergonomics of the handle must be considered first. It should be comfortable to hold and have a non-slip handle. Next, consider the shape and size of the handle -- it should fit the type of cookware it will be attached to. Then, decide on the placement and attachment method of the handle. Once the design is complete, it should be tested for durability, heat resistance and safety. This can be done through testing and customer's feedback. Finally, refine the design and make necessary adjustments according to the test results. Overall, designing cookware Bakelite side handles requires careful consideration of comfort, functionality and safety.

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