Strong Cookware Frying Pan handle

Cookware pan handle with unique design, soft grip handle with hanging hole. Cookware handle sets are used to replace or repair handles on all types of cooking pots, pans and pans.

Cookware handle set: Bakelite long handles, Bakelite side handles, Bakelite knobs.

Weight: Handle: 100-130g, Bakelite side handle:60-80g

Bakelite knob: 40-50g

Material: black Bakelite

Customization is available, need customer’s sample or 3D drawing.

Dishwasher safe

Meet the ergonomics design

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Features of Cookware Pan handles

PRODUCT STRUCTURE: A handle consists of Head, body and end, on the end we usually make a hole to hang. Body is with bio-fit grip design. The head decide it can fit which cookware. Normally, different handle with different head structure, which is also the vital part when open the mould.

MOULD: one mould with 2-8 cavities,it depends on size and design. The forming temperature is about 150-170℃.

MATERIAL: Standard Bakelite/phenolic, heat resistant to 160-180 degree centigrade. Bakelite also have other advantages: high scratching resistance, insulated, strong and stable quality.Our handle  provided with or without any screw, depends on the requirement.

FACTORY: Our factory mainly produce the Bakelite pot ear, Bakelite top knob, Bakelite long handle, Bakelite side handle, the water pot handle, the stainless steel and Aluminum Spare parts, the kitchen fittings and so on, also can proceed the new product mold development manufacture.

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How to choose high quality Bakelite cookware pan handle?

1. we must confirm whether the product has the factory name, address, trademark, whether there is a professional quality inspection agency issued by the recent inspection report.

2. When use it Keep the handle clean at ordinary times to prevent foreign objects from entering the handle. Keep maintenance.

3. The appearance of the Cookware pan handle should be clear, the surface is not rough, and the feel is comfortable. When purchasing, the material should be moderate, the Bakelite handle should be firm and reliable, do not choose any kind of cheap and inferior materials.

4. The general recommendation to choose Cookware pan Bakelite handle, the price is high, so the quality is guaranteed, durable.

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Application on different cookware

Cookware handle sets are used to replace or repair handles on all types of cooking pots, pans and pans. They are available in a variety of materials including Bakelite, stainless steel, silicone and wooden handles. The main function of cookware handle sets is to provide a comfortable and secure hold while cooking or moving cookware. Cookware handle sets are an important part of any kitchen as they ensure safe and comfortable handling of hot or heavy cookware.

They are used for various purposes, including:

1. Replace damaged or broken handles Cookware handles can become damaged or snap off over time due to heat, rough handling, or wear and tear. In such cases, a cooker handle set can be used to replace damaged or broken handles to prevent accidents and ensure safe cooking.

2. Upgrade the appearance of pots and utensils Cookware handle kits can be used to upgrade the look and feel of old or outdated cookware by replacing old handles with newer, sleeker handles.

3. Pot handle customization:  Some cookware handles can be customized by adding ornaments or decorations. This can be done with cookware handle sets, which give you the tools and materials to create your own custom handles. In conclusion, cooker handle sets are must-have accessories for any kitchen as they provide comfort, safety and customization to your cooker. They are available in a variety of materials and designs to suit your needs and preferences.


Q1: Where is your factory located?

A: Ningbo Port, China, shipment is convenient.

Q2: What is the MOQ?

A: Usually 5000pcs, Trial order okay.

Q3:. What is the payment terms?

A: usually 30% deposit, balance against copy of BL.

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