Aluminum KETTLES are traditionally used to boil water for a variety of purposes, such as making tea, coffee, or hot drinks. They are known for their durability, thermal conductivity and economy. However, it should be noted that aluminum kettles may react with some acidic substances, so it is recommended to mainly boil hot water.

If you have a factory of Kettle body, we can be business partners, we can serve all parts of kettle, like

Kettle handlekettle spout,kettle strainer, kettle lid knob, kettle connector, kettle handle parts, Kettle strainer, kettle spout filter, etc. As an original manufacturer, so price would be one of the biggest reasons why you choose us. We have won many customers for making the Kettles and keep the Aluminum kettle parts. The kettles are updating every year, the spare parts of kettle updated after some time. But our traditional design keep the history, it is a way of history heritage.