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Cookware Knob plays an important roles in the cookware spare parts, especially in the range of Cookware handle. The cooking pot knobs, Bakelite long handles, and bakelite side handles together make up a complete set of accessories for the cooker.  All kinds of Bakelite knob available, such as Bridge type bakelite knob, Ball round knob, Square cookware Knob, and other unique shapes. 

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Bakelite spherical bead pot cover top bead high temperature wok cover lift twist can replace anti-hot handle pot universal accessories

Applicable to all kinds of pot lid cover, medical marble stone pot cover,  glass pot cover,  stainless steel glass combination pot cover,  Stainless steel pot cover as long as the middle hole of the pot cover is between 0.5CM-1CM are suitable. This is a general purpose Cookware knob. The large-hole pot cover and small-hole pot cover are both available.

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Item: cookware knob with ball

Weight: 40-80g

Material: Phenolic/ Bakelite

Mould developing time: 30-35days

City: Ningbo ,China

Color: can be painted with color soft touch coating

HS code: 3926909090


Product Parameter

Bakelite cookware knob production steps are as follows:

1. Raw Material preparation: Cooking pot knob base material selection of high-quality phenolic resin. Bakelite/Phenolic is an ideal material for making cookware knobs because it can withstand high temperatures.

2. Mold preparation: Design and make a mold that matches the size and shape of the desired knob. The mold can be multi-cavity mold and can produce a variety of products at the same time. Usually it is about 6-8cavities.

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3. Injection molding: Melt the bakelite resin and inject it into the mold under high pressure. High temperatures and pressures are needed to ensure that the bakelite is fully liquefied and completely fills the mold. 

4. Cooling and cleaning: After bakelite lid knob is formed,  cooling and demoulding first. Excess material and rough edges are trimmed and cleaned, and knobs are polished to a smooth surface.

5. Quality control: Finally, the pot vocer knobs are tested and inspected to ensure that they meet the required quality standards.

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More than 20 years of production experience for Bakelite accessories, more than 200 kinds of products, high quality and high production speed, are the conditions for us to obtain the trust of major manufacturers. We are specialized in producing bakelite long handle, bakelite cookware knob, pan earlid knob, Bakelite side handle, bakelilte helper handle, Pot cover knob, kettle handle and other cookware accessories. We keep up with the trend of the development of The Times, and constantly update the product library, and support customized products to samples and drawings.  Welcome customers to visit and have business negotiations.

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