Heat Resistant Bakelite Pot Handle

The Bakelite pot handle with delicate design for certain cookware, with the hold for hanging. Each Bakelite pot handle been trimmed by skilled worker, let customer get a perfect handle.

Customization is available, please provide your sample or 3D drawing.

Item: Bakelite pot handle Cookware long handle

Weight: 100-150g

Material: Bakelite/plastic/Phenolic

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Bakelite pot handle is made of Bakelite plastic, which is a polymer compound with the characteristics of impermeable and easy to process. Bakelite handle is a general name for the handle used in the machinery industry. It has various shapes and specifications. Good balance, good weather resistance, strong rigidity, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high mechanical strength, stable size, small deformation, general solvent resistance are the characteristics of star handle.

Finish of Bakelite handles

1. For our normal Bakelite pot handle, it is glossy or mat black finish complements appearance, without any coating.

2. Color painting: It is a kind of silicone heat-resistant coating, this kind of painting looks shiny and feel smooth. The quality of this coating is stable, would not fad after long time use.

3. Soft touch coating: It is soft silicone, feels soft and comfortable.With mat surface look, it also have the good quality of stable and long service life. Various color available.

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Advantages of Bakelite pot handle

SAFE TO USE: Bakelite is heat and electric insulation, safe to use.

DESIGN: complying with human hand, you can grip the Bakelite pot handle easily.

MATERIAL: high-quality Bakelite/Phenolic, heat resistant to 160-180 degree centigrade. Bakelite also have other advantages: high scratching resistance, heat insulated.

Dishwasher safe, oven is prohibited.

Environmental friendly.

Production process: Raw material - injection- demoulding- trimming- packing -finished.

Application on different cookware


Q1: Where is your factory?

A: In Ningbo,China, one hours way to the port.

Q2:What is the delivery?

A: The delivery time for one order is about 20-25days.

Q3: How many qty of handle you can produce each month?

A: About 300,000pcs.

Factory pictures

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