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What’s the silicone washers for?

A silicone washer is a thin circular piece of rubber with a hole in the center designed to be used with a screw or bolt. Silicone washers are commonly used in construction, assembly and manufacturing applications where it is necessary to distribute the load of a screw or bolt over a wider area than the head alone can provide. By placing a silicone washer between the screw head and the material being fastened, the pressure is distributed more evenly, reducing the risk of damaging the material or the screw head.

Silicone washers are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit a variety of applications. We can make it for cookware handles, cookware knobs, Bakelite side handles. Thus the pans or pots can be safe when using.


silicone washer for cookware (6)
silicone washer for cookware (4)

Silicone rubber washers are often used in outdoor environments because of their excellent temperature resistance and weathering resistance. They also have a special temperature range and are thermally stable at temperatures from -60°C to 230°C. We are also able to offer flame retardant silicone rubber gaskets, FDA and WRAS approved.

We have the full conversion ability from material slitting, adhesive composite, die cutting, CNC machining, manufacturing to assembly. We can offer a wide range of customer-specific silicone rubber gaskets in various shapes, sizes, thicknesses and densities. 

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 Comparison of Silicone washer and Rubber washer


silicone washer for cookware (1)
rubber washer

Silicone washers are better waterproof than rubber washer. This is because the silicone has very good resistance to high and low temperatures and resistance to various chemical liquids, while the silicone has very good flexibility and plasticity, can effectively fill and seal the contact surface defects, so as to achieve the effect of waterproof. The waterproof performance of the rubber washer is relatively poor, and the resistance to high and low temperatures and chemical liquids is not as good as the silicone washer. 

Features and Characteristics

Silicone Washer is soft, good adhesion, nylon washer is hard, not too fit but more wear-resistant, each has its own benefits.

silicone washer is the part between the cookware handle connected part and the screw.

Silicone washer is a kind of silicone products in the market demand more products,

The silicone washer has a certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation, pressure resistance,

high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical stability,

environmental protection and safety.

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