Universal Pot Handle Bakelite Long Handle

Universal Pot Handles Bakelite Long Handle

Material: Phenolic/ bakelite/plastic

Customization is available.

HS code: 3926909090

Dishwasher safe, oven safe 150 degree centigrade.

Color: as customized, need Pantone No. to make the same color.

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Product features: 

A soft-touch coating can be applied to the handle to provide a comfortable grip. Soft-touch coatings are usually made of silicone or rubber materials that provide a non-slip grip. Such coatings can be applied using techniques such as dipping or spraying. It is a kind of water transfer printing for China cookware handle.

This handle is short and used on  sauce pot or small sizes pot smaller than 24cm, which is cute and lovely.

Universal pot handles (1)
Universal pot handles (3)

The smooth and nice pattern, makes the handle with a new look. It is mordern and young. 

About our factory

As a long history factory, we have producing Bakelite products for more than 15 years , with developing department who can deal with New 3D drawings, we can help you on the product design, mold building and mass production manufacturing according as your needs.

We have been supplying the below products to our customers :

all kinds of Bakelite pan handle, Universal pot handle, Cookware pan handle, Phenolic pan handle, Silicone pan cover, cookware lid, Cookware Spare parts, including Stainless steel induction disk, Flame guard, Aluminum rivet, and any other accessories for cookers.

Pan handles
Bakelite Pan handle (1)

Do you know that ? Bakelite handles are usually produced by injection molding machines.

This type of machine uses a mold to inject molten Bakelite resin into a pre-designed handle shape. After the resin has cooled and solidified, the mold is opened and the Bakelite handle is removed. There are several types of injection molding machines in the market, including hydraulic, electric and hybrid models. Each type of machine has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the specific needs of your production process.

When choosing the right injection molding machine for the cookware Bakelite long handle production, it is important to consider factors such as the required production capacity, the complexity of the handle design and the level of automation required. It is a must to consider the cost and energy efficiency of the machine, as well as any associated maintenance costs.

It's also important to note that Universal pot handle Bakelite handles require post-processing, such as polishing and coating, to achieve the desired finish and durability. Therefore, the right choose of skilled workers, and a clean and neat packing line are also vital. After arrange them, the goods can be finished and made at the best quality.

Universal pot handles (2)
Universal pot handles (1)

In order to better protect the goods, customers will ask for the Universal pan handle to be palletized. We already have skilled experience in palletizing shipments. Advantages of palletizing:

 1. It is to better protect the goods to prevent the products from being damaged during loading and unloading.

Pallets (2)

2. Loading and unloading goods is more convenient and avoids manual loading and unloading. cut costs.

3. After installing the pallets, the overall arrangement inside the cabinet is more orderly.


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