Detachable handle for cookware set

The cookware detachable handle design allows a set of pots to use only one handle, saving packaging and storage space.

This cookware removable handle solution is more economical and environmentally friendly than designing each pot with its own handle.

Second, the cookware detachable handle makes it easier for picking up and carrying the pot. When using the cookware pot, just insert the handle into the corresponding part of the pot to complete the assembly. Instead, when the pot is not in use, simply remove the handle for easy storage and portability. 

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The design of the detachable handle not only saves packaging and storage space, but also enhances the convenience and safety of the pot. The solution is expected to be widely welcomed and in high demand in the market for cookware. Usually one set of cookware can use only one handle.  

Double locking mechanism for detachable handle

The design of this detachable handle is simple and elegant, and it is equipped with a double locking mechanism,

which effectively reduces potential safety risk. China Cookware handle for the most popular design. 

The double locking mechanism ensures that the handle is securely attached to the pot, avoiding accidents caused by loose handles.

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Design Difficulties of the detachable handle mainly involve the following aspects:

1. Structural design: The design of cookware Detachable handle needs to take into account the connection with the pot body to ensure that the connection part of handle is tight, stable, safe and reliable, and to avoid loosening or falling off during use. This requires a precise dimensional fit and strength analysis to ensure that the removable handle can withstand the necessary weight and force when fixed to the pot body, while at the same time being easily removable.

2. Material selection: The detachable pan handle needs to use high-temperature resistant materials to ensure that it can withstand high temperatures without deformation or damage during frying or cooking. In addition, the material of the handle also needs to have wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties to increase its service life. Usually we choose bakelite handlenad silicone connection part. 

3. Ease of operation: The detachable handle release design needs to be simple and easy to use to ensure that users can complete loading and unloading operations quickly. Designs that are too complex or have too many steps should be avoided to improve user experience and satisfaction. 

Detachable handle Lock and unlock

In terms of use experience, the design of the cookware removable handle should try to meet the user's use habits and needs, provide a convenient mode of operation.

For example, the shape and grip of the handle should be ergonomic and provide a comfortable grip experience;

The size and weight of the handle should be moderate, convenient to carry and use, and will not bring a burden to the user;

The stripping operation should be simple and clear, saving time and effort.

In short, the difficulties in the design of the ejector handle are mainly concentrated in the structural design, material selection and operation convenience. 

We have overcome those aspects and difficulties !!! 


How is the delivery date?

It is about 30 days after order confirmed.

What’s your package for each pc?

Poly bag or PP bag, or color box.

Could you provide a sample?

Yes, we can supply sample first.

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