Sandwich Pan Bakelite Handle

Double-Sided Bakelite Handle for Non-Stick Sandwich Maker

A non-stick sandwich maker can either grill or fry. Made of high quality aluminum die-casting, high quality main stone coating high temperature resistant, not easy to stick pot humanized button design can be hung, convenient storage when not in use. Double pan Bakelite Handle

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Product Introduction

Aluminum Sandwich pan handles, double Pan handle made of Stainless steel 430+ Bakelite resin. 

The Bakelite is a strong and heat-resistant material. The S.S 430 material would make the handle far from the fire.

Two pieces Bakelite Metal Short Handle as a set, then closed by a stainless steel hook. 

Sandwich pan handle-2
Sandwich pan

Popular Nonstick Sandwich Pan turn a family breakfast into an unforgettable feast.  Nonstick Hot sand Pan with high quality helps you prepare multiple perfectly Sandwich at once, making every morning a special time.

Die Cast aluminum heats evenly for great results every time, while the non-stick surface makes serving and cleaning a treat. Easy to wash.

Product Parameter

Hot sand pan handles

Material: S.S 430+ Phenolic

Size:  180* 20mm

Bending strenth:  Holding 10 kgs weight for one hour. 

Production process:  Bakelite Raw material in mould,  Stainless steel plate on mould, then press and heating the mould for about one minutes. 

It is still a kind of old and traditional production way. 

Sandwich pan handle
Sandwich pan handle


About our factory:   With over 65 product categories, especially cookware products.From cookware to fry pan handles, Glass lids to hardware fittings. Our cookware including Die-cast Aluminum fry pans, pots, Sauce pan, and woks. Glass lid consist of silicone glass lid, S.S glass lid, etc. Fry pan handles, high-standard Bakelite long handles, side handles and knobs, etc. Hardware fitting, like Al flame guard, screws and washer.


Sandwich maker Grill

Nonstick Sandwich Pan Handle Care Notes

• Make the Bakelite Saucepan Handles  to cool before washing
• Washed by hand as far as possible
• Avoid using steel wool, steel scouring pads or harsh detergents

Cooking Surface:

• Metal utensils, washing pads and abrasive cleaners should not be used on the surface. 

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