Wide Rim Tempered Glass lid

Wide rim Glass Lid For Stockpot cover glass pan lid cookware cover . Professional manufacturing 4mm glass 304 stainless steel rim 24cm T type hot pot lid tempered glass lid with wide rim cooking pot lid handle. Round Stainless Steel T type Glass Lid with Wide Rim for Cookware Made in China

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Item: Wide Rim Glass Lid

Size: 14;16;18;24...36cm

Material: Tempered glass, stainless ring #201/304

Thickness of glass: 4mm

Description: G shape and T type glass lid, with or w/o steam hole

Tempered glass to view food easily and retains heat/moisture. 

The pot lid cover is sealed by a stainless steel bold rim, looks more elegant. 

What’s a wide rim glass lid ?

This T-shaped tall glass cover is an improvement on the G-type Tempered glass lid, which has less stamping at the edge of the glass sheet, while the high stand is nearly 22mm.

Steam vents can be made or not made according to customer needs, and stainless steel and wide rim can be provided according to different market requirements.

The center hole has excellent polishing performance, and stainless steel 304 material is usually used in the hole, which is safe for human health.

                          Wide rim glass lid with stand knob

Glass lid bold Rim

The wide rim glass lid is slightly different from the ordinary glass cover in that it has a higher foot and wider edge.

This  wide rim glass cover with ordinary dome glass cover, high dome glass cover, wide edge glass cover, with plug glass cover. With each glass cover, it is food grade kitchen cooking. This glass lid is transparent in color and we can clearly see the cooking state. We are a professional manufacturer, so the lid can be made of different colors of glass, such as brown, blue, green, red and so on.

                           wide rim glass lid on Grill pan

glass lid2

On the other hand, our company has passed ISO9001 and ISO45001 certification, and the silicone ring has passed LFGB official international testing. Each of our glass LIDS is safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable to use.

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