Silicone glass lid pan cover

Our Silicone glass lid is usually used in combination with Removable handle.  There is a notch on the edge of the silicone to make the bayonet of the Detachable handle have a fixed position, so that it can be used with the detachable handle more conveniently. At the same time, air holes can be left on the edge of the silicone, which is more convenient in use. The glass lid of tempered flat glass is matched with a modern soup pot, which is not only more fashionable and beautiful, but also resistant to high temperature and impact, which is very suitable for use in the kitchen.

  • Material: Silicone glass lid
  • Knob: Silicone
  • Size: 16/20/24/28cm
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    Silicone lid (2)


    Toughened glass cover,Reinforced glass top, Impact-resistant cover, Durable glass lid, Sturdy glass lid, LFGB silicone food safe glass lid. 


    Material: Tempered glass, LFGB/FDA silicone

    Color: Various colors available.

    Thickness of glass: 4mm.

    Customization is available

    Convenient in use

    The design of this silicone glass lid is not only convenient and practical, but also enhances your cooking performance. 

    This silicone glass lid can be matched with Silicone knob or Bakelite knob with soft touch coating.




    More info about silicone

    To test whether the silicone meets food-grade standards


    1. 1. Observation marks: Check whether there are food-grade certification marks on the silicone products, such as FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) certification, LFGB (German Food Code) certification, cause some products would with that label.  
    2. 2. Smell detection: Smell the silicone products for irritating smell. If it has a strong taste, it may contain additives or toxic substances. 
    1. 3.Bending test: bend the silicone product to see if there will be discoloration, cracks or breaks. Food grade silicone should be heat and cold resistant and not easily damaged.
    2. 4.Smear test: Use a white paper towel or cotton cloth to wipe the surface of the silicone product several times. If color transfers, may contain unsafe dyes.
    3. 5.Burn test: Take a small piece of silicone material and ignite it. Normal food grade silicone will not produce black smoke, pungent odor or residue. Please note that these methods can only be used as a preliminary judgment. 
    Silicone lid (1)

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