Cookware glass lid

G shape Cookware glass lid, Cookware glass cover, with and w/o steam hole are available.

Item: Cookware Glass lid

Size: 14;16;18…36cm,more sizes ok

Material: Tempered glass,S.S201/304

Thickness of glass: 4mm

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Why you choose G type Cookware glass lid?

1. This tempered glass lid keeps in flavor and moisture. It can withstand heat up to 180° and is dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

2. Glass Lid VS non-transparent Lid: Glass lid is better than opaque lid because unlike opaque lids, you don't have to constantly lift the lid to check the cooking progress. The transparent glass cover allows you to keep an eye over the food you are cooking.

3. Convenient Design: Steam Vent is just the right size and prevents suction or high pressure buildup, keeps soups, sauces, and stews from boiling over.

4. Tempered glass to view food easily and retains heat/moisture.

5. Lid is sealed by a stainless steel rim.

6. DURABLE FOR LONG LIFE-Constructed of high quality tempered glass with polished edges, built to last the life of your cookware.

How to produce a glass lid?

1. Determine the size and shape of the glass lid required for the pan you are using.

2. Select the type of glass to be used (eg tempered glass).

3. Use the cutting tool to cut the glass into the desired shape and size.

4. Sand the edges of the glass to remove sharp edges and produce a smooth finish.

5. Add any necessary markings, labels or logos to the glass surface.

6. Attach any necessary handles or hardware to the glass cover.

7. Test the glass cover for fit, durability and heat resistance.

8. Package and ship the cooking pot lid for distribution.

Sizes and suitable on pot

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