Removable handle for cookware set

Cookware Set Removable handle, simple and easy to lock and unlock. 

Using method: pull the button above the handle, open the handle buckle, and place the Removable handle on the edge of the pot. Press the button ,the handle latch is locked, and the handle is stuck on the edge of the pot. The silicone at the front end of the handle is soft and elastic, which will not damage the pot coating and prevent the pot body from shaking.

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Wood effect of Bakelite removable handles

This is a new type of wood effect water transfer pattern model, this pattern color is clear, the product surface is smooth, comfortable to hold. It's amazing in use. Long service life, easy to clip the handle.  It is one removable handle function as below: 

         Unlock                                                                                  Lock

Removable handle
Removable handle 2

Some advantages of our removable handles:

1. Save storage space, the set pot can be stacked, the Detachable handle is stored separately, which greatly saves the storage space of the kitchen.

2. Water transfer wood grain can do many kinds of flowers, suitable for different styles and colors of POTS. A full range of pans can be used with various sizes and functions, including frying pans, stockpots, milk pans, baking pans, etc.

3. This release handle is made of high-quality bakelite injection molding, stable product performance, high temperature resistance of about 160 degrees. It can effectively keep the temperature of the handle from being too high.

Removable handle cookware set
Detachable handles

Some advantages of our removable handles:

4. The design structure of the detachable handle is humanized, with national product patents, and all accessories can be perfectly matched to increase the service life of the Cookware handle. The internal metal parts are made of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which provides a longer service life for the cookware handle. The silicone part of the head is designed with a stripe slot to increase the friction between the handle and the pot, and the pot is more stable when used.

5. The tail of the handle is horizontal, which is designed to make the handle stand smoothly on the table, and it is more convenient to use.


Our company is specialized in the production of various cookware handle factory, mainly B2B model, if you need to purchase similar products, please feel free to contact me by wechat or email. 

Q1: Where is your factory?

A: In Ningbo,China, one hours way to the port.

Q2:What is the delivery?

A: The delivery time for one order is about 20-25days.

Q3: How many qty of handle you can produce each month?

A: About 300,000pcs.

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