Black Bakelite Kitchen Cookware handle

Bakelite Kitchen handle for various cookware, such as fry pans, sauce pans. Cookware handle sets.It provides a firm grip to prevent spills and keeps users a safe distance from hot pans.

Weight: 120-140g

Material: Bakelite Phenolics

Finish: Matt or glossy as request

Mould: one mould with 2-8 cavities, each cavity with marked number.

Color: Black or other colors available

Heat resistant about 160℃

Eco friendly material

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Bakelite Handles Functions:

The use of the handle can be seen in many fields. Formica, nylon and alloy are raw materials for making the handle. The handle is a common accessory in our daily life, such as Kitchen cookware handles. and the Bakelite handle can adapt to the use of most mechanical equipment environments with good performance. Can be used in the indoor high temperature environment, can also be used in the outdoor wind and rain, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no fade, no deformation, long sunshine time, short use time are the characteristics of Bakelite Pan handle. In general, bakelite handles are durable mechanical fittings that are difficult to be affected in harsh environments.

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Classification of Kitchen Bakelite handles:

1. When we classify the handle according to the material, we can usually divide the handle into formica/Bakelite handle, steel handle, plastic handle, aluminum alloy handle and cast iron handle, etc.

2. When we classify the Bakelite  handle according to its working nature, the handle can usually be divided into fold-able handle, detachable handle,cookware knob and pot short handle.

3. When we classify the Bakelite handle according to its appearance shape, it can usually be divided into long handle,side handle and lid knob handle.

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The production process of Bakelite kitchen handles

Preparation: Bakelite is a thermo .setting plastic formed from phenol and formaldehyde. Phenol is mixed with catalysts such as formaldehyde and hydrochloric acid to form a liquid mixture.

Molding: Pour the Bakelite mixture into a mold in the shape of a kitchen handle. The mold is then heated and pressurized to cure the Bakelite mixture and form the handle.

Finishing: Remove the cured Bakelite handle from the mold and trim off excess material. The handle can be sanded or polished for a smooth finish.

Assembly: The Bakelite handle is fixed on the kitchen cabinet or drawer with screws or other fasteners.

Application on different cookware

Pans are one of the most commonly used cooking utensils in the kitchen. Here are some specific applications for pan cookware handles:

 1. Lifting and Moving: The handle is used to safely lift and move the pan from the stove to the countertop, or to move the pan while cooking.

2. Pouring: When pouring, the handle helps to control the flow of sauce or liquid from the pot. It provides a firm grip to prevent spills and keeps users a safe distance from hot pans.

3. Storage: The handle is also used to hang the sauce pot on the pot rack or hook for storage, away from the counter to save space.

4. Stability: The handle helps to provide stability to the pot while cooking. It prevents the pot from tipping over or overflowing when the user stirs or adds ingredients in the pot.Overall, a good pot handle Bakelite Kitchen Cookware handle can provide users with a convenient, safe and comfortable cooking experience.

Our Terms

Customization is available, provide your sample or 3D drawing, we can do.

Bakelite Kitchen handle Pass the Standard of EN 12983 for handle, including the bending test and loading test.

Payment term: 30% deposit, balance against fax copy of BL.


Q1: Where is your factory?

A: Ningbo, it is a city with port, shipment is convenient.

Q2: What is the delivery time?

A: about 20-25days.

Q3: How many quantity of Bakelite Kitchen handle you can produce per month?

A: Around 300,000pcs.

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