Removable Pot Set Cookware Handle

Detachable Removable Cooker long handle for Grill pan or frying pans. Different detachable part will fit for different pans, it is replaceable removable and detachable.

Weight: about 120g

Material: Bakelite and silicone

Customization is available.

Heat resistant and fire protection, stay safe when cooking.

Hole on the end that can be hanged on the wall.

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What’s a Removable Pot set Cookware Handle?

A removable Bakelite handle is a type of cookware in which the pot or pan is removable so that it can be easily removed from the stove for cleaning or eating. Wooden handles are usually on the lid or side of a pot or pan and provide a comfortable grip for lifting and manipulating. This cooker is often used for slow cooking or preparing stews, soups, and other one-pot meals. The detachable design makes it perfect for taking food from the stove directly to the table.

Bakelite is a plastic that was once used to make handles for pots and pans. It's known for being heat-resistant and durable, which makes it ideal for removable pot handles. Bakelite handles usually have metal attachments that can be easily removed and reattached without the use of tools.

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Advantages of Removable pot set cookware handle

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Holding the Removable handle, push the button, is loose and with gap,the handle can be knocked down. Press the button,and the Bakelite handle the adverse way, it would be fixed on the pan.
SAVE YOUR SPACE: The detachable handle can be took down and put the pan inside the cabinet. Very easy to store it.

FUNCTION: This detachable wooden handle can be used on different pans, only need to make a connection part for the pan. One handle is enough.

SAFE: Handle with strong Al connection head, with strong structure through the long handle, safe and would not easy to break. The detachable handle keeps your hands away from heat while cooking. With no handles, you can place the pan in tight spaces on the stove top or oven without worrying about getting your hands too close to the fire.

EASY TO CLEAN: The detachable handle can be easily removed for cleaning,it is so easy to wash, after using, flush under warm water and wipe with dry cloth.

MATERIAL: Solid wood, safe and eco-friendly. Aluminum alloy, practical and economical.

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Q1: Would be possible to get a sample?

A: Of course, we ‘d love to provide sample for your checking.

Q2: What is the departure port?

A: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Q3: Is it safe to put into dishwasher?

A: We suggest hand wash, as the head is Aluminum, would possible to be rust after times of High concentration detergent.

Raw materials and Bakelite handle Mould: Bakelite Powder/Phenolic resin

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