135th Canton Fair-Ningbo Xianghai won orders

We are excited to come to the Canton Fair, which allows us to meet new customers, broaden our international market, and at the same time, make appearances with our peers to expand our influence and brand effect at home and abroad.

Ningbo Xianghai Canton Fair (8) Ningbo Xianghai Canton Fair (2) Ningbo Xianghai Canton Fair (4)

The amount of attenders in the Canton Fair is huge, and there are many foreigners.

The first day is the most busy day, Foreign buyers and importers start looking for perfect

products. If they look for something new, they’re willing to give pictures or ideas to us.

And went to the Cookware accessory industry, our company to issue promotional materials.

Usually our best customers would be Foreign factories, which have plants and machines, our cookware handles, induction disks, and Aluminum Rivets would be right and perfect for them. Factory to factory, it would save cost at the easiest way.  Many companies have brought products or samples to the exhibition, I hope that our company can also bring cars to the exhibition in the future, the effect will be better.

The exhibition is the best communication platform, to seize all opportunities as much as possible, to leave a good impression on customers.

Introduce our products to customers. When customers show interest in the products, they should ask for business cards in time and make relevant records so that further contact can be made in the future.

Because the Canton Fair arranges for each person to enter the hall is limited, so the next day outside the door to distribute promotional materials.

First see foreigners show him the products , he say it is attractive.

Put the most bright, most attractive content into a sentence, at the same time with a smile, must be sincere smile, so that many people will be embarrassed not to answer


Post time: May-28-2024