How I won the first customer for Bakelite handles ?

Working with new customers to provide samples of cookware Bakelite handles and Bakelite knobs is a challenging but rewarding process.  Today I share some experience of win my first customer from the web.  

It all started when foreign customers contacted me through our website and shared images of the samples they needed.  I immediately engaged our engineers to create detailed drawings, after confirm the drawing, we provide a quote for the required items. Customer didn’t say anything about the prices.  

As the process progressed, one day, the client asked us to provide the business license, registration number, and name of the legal representative to ensure the legitimacy of our company.  Once these details were verified, the customer decided to visit our cookware handle factory in Ningbo, China. We are pleased for customer’s coming. So before customer coming, we prepared all details and check the schedule.  Foreign customer come to China is not easy, eapecially some European customers. They need to fit for the jet lag, and also different food. We’d better let customer know our hospitality and sincerity. 

 The day coming,  During their visit we had the opportunity to demonstrate our manufacturing capabilities and discuss the quality and specifications of our products.  Customers leave our facility satisfied with our operations and products.

Our Bakelite handle on fry pan

After the visit, we continue to communicate with the customer to determine the price, lead time for Bakelite handle and Bakelite knob Injection mold production, and schedule for mass production.  After reaching an agreement, we start creating the proforma invoice and wait for the deposit to confirm the order.  The order is now confirmed and we are moving forward with the production process.

The entire experience demonstrated the importance of building strong relationships with clients.  We hope this initial collaboration will lead to a long-term, successful partnership.  We are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent services to meet the needs of new customers. Hope my experience can be usefully for you.  If you are looking for cookware bakelite handle factory, please take us in consideration. Ningbo Xianghai Kitchenware co.,LTD. 

Post time: Jul-09-2024