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The function of the teapot or kettle spout filter is to filter the tea leaves or tea dregs to make the tea water clearer and purer. It is usually located at the mouth or spout of the teapot and acts to filter out tea residue and other impurities, preventing them from entering the tea. 

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Stainless steel


Diameter 23mm/27mm/33mm. 




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What’s Kettle filter?

A Kettle pot strainer is a must-have accessory for tea lovers because it allows the use of loose tea leaves instead of pre-packed tea bags. The strainer is designed to fit the spout of the teapot or kettle and is made of stainless steel or other mesh material to prevent tea leaves from escaping into the tea. The Aluminum kettle filter is placed at the outlet of the tea tray to filter the waste tea dregs that can easily block the pipe and ensure the unobstructed pipe.

Kettle spout filter (3)
Kettle spout filter (1)

-FUNCTION: used for Aluminum kettle, the kettle strainer keep tea leaves in kettle, you can drink a cup of clear tea, which is good for health.

-MATERIAL: High quality Aluminum alloy, pass the food safe international standard. High-temperature resistant, not easily deformed.

-CLEAN SAFE: Easy to clean by hand.

-ADVANTAGE: high quality;favorable price; skilled technology, good after service.

Kettle spout filter (2)
Kettle filter

The Kettle strainer is usually composed of a holes structure, which can effectively block the tea particles and allow the tea to pour out of the teapot smoothly. In this way, using a teapot filter can make the tea drink more refreshing and taste better, and it is also convenient for cleaning and disposal of tea dregs. The teapot filter is an important accessory in the tea set, making tea more convenient and delicious.

There are several benefits to using a Roaster rack

Kettle spout stainer (4)
Kettle spout stainer (1)

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Can you do small qty order?

We accept small quantity order for Roaster Rack.

What’s your package for Roaster rack?

Poly bag / bulk packing/color sleeve..

Can you provide sample?

We will supply sample for your check of the quality and matching with your cookware body. Please just contact us.

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