Pressure Cooker Side Bakelite Handle

Item: Pressure Cooker side handle bakelite side handle/ helper handle

Weight: 40-100g

Material: Phenolic/ bakelite/plastic

Description: one mould 2-8 cavities, each mould have a long service life.

Customization is available.

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Our Pressure Cooker side handle bakelite side helper handle is with high quality, all the material reach EU standard. The strength and hardness is more than normal plastic or  nylon handle. The raw material is high-quality phenolic, commonly known as bakelite, one of the most complicated compound. It can fit all the casseroles, sauce pans and some S.S pressure cooker. With beautiful surface and diversified product use; High strength, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance; Simple maintenance, convenient cleaning and bright finishing.


If you have a factory of Kettle body, we can be business partners, we can serve all parts of kettle, like handle, strainer, spout, lid knob, connector, rivets, etc. We are manufacturer, so price would be one of the biggest reasons why you choose us.

Our company has more than 10 years experience in cooking utensils. We have automated production system and the spirit of solidarity. High-quality, efficient delivery speed and high quality service, let us have a good reputation.

Bakelite Kettle handles are the type of handle commonly found on traditional kettles. Bakelite is a plastic known for its durability and heat resistance, making it ideal for use in kitchen appliances such as kettles. The Bakelite handle is designed to withstand high temperatures and provide a comfortable grip when pouring hot liquids. The design of Bakelite handles varies from jug to jug, but they are generally ergonomic and comfortable to hold. Additionally, bakelite handles may have additional features such as heat-resistant coatings or additional gripping surfaces to ensure safe and comfortable use when pouring hot liquids. Overall, Bakelite handles are a reliable and safe choice for kettle handles.

-FUNCTION: SUITABLE for Aluminum kettle, in the kitchen, hotel and restaurant or outdoor use.

-MATERIAL:With High quality Bakelite raw material +AL alloy

-CLEAN SAFE: Easy for Clean by hand or dishwasher.

-DESCRIPTION: Aluminum teapot handle, bakelite kettle handle parts stay cool. with attractive price. and good service.


1. Product quality is excellent and stable.

2. Affordable factory best price.

3. Timely delivery.

4. Products after-sale service is guaranteed.

5. Near the port,shipment is convenient.

Pressure cooker handles are an important part of your pressure cooker, helping to cook safely and efficiently. Pressure cooker handles usually consist of two parts: a main handle and a secondary handle or knob. The main handle is attached to the main body of the pressure cooker and is designed to bear the weight of the pressure cooker and any contents inside. Auxiliary handles or knobs are usually removable and are used to lift or remove the lid when using the cooker. Pressure cooker handles are usually made of heat-resistant materials such as Bakelite or plastic, and are designed to be comfortable, strong and easy to grip to ensure safe and effective use of the pressure cooker.


Casserole/ pot /Pressure cooker helper handle

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