Pressure Cooker Gasket Rubber Seal

The function of the pressure cooker gasket is to prevent the steam from leaking inside the pressure cooker. When a pressure cooker heats up, the steam generated inside increases the pressure, making cooking more efficient. The sealing ring ensures that the pressure in the pot does not leak out, so that the temperature and pressure in the pot are kept within the ideal range, so that the food can be cooked quickly. The sealing ring also prevents oxygen from entering the pot, preserving the nutrients and taste of the food. 

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Product :Pressure cooker gasket O ring seal

Material : silicone gel , rubber food safe certificated

Color : white , grey or black .  

Inner Diameter: approx. 20cm, 22cm,24cm,26cm,etc

Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance.

Customized available. 

How to ensure whether the pressure is sealed in the pressure cooker? 

  1. 1. Check and make sure that the silicone rubber seal is properly seated around the ring rack. If it's properly seated, you should be able to rotate it with some effort.
  2. 2. Take a look at the float valve and anti-block shield for the pressure cooker. The shield can be taken off to be cleaned after use, but you want to make sure that it's back in place afterwards. Both the float valve and anti-block shield should be clean and free of debris.
  3. 3. Make sure that the pressure cooker release valve is in place, and it is set to the Sealing position (upwards).
  4. 4. If all of these are properly in place, your Instant Pot should be able to build pressure and cook your food. When everything is under pressure, the floating pin of your pressure cooker should be in the "up" position.
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If you’ve installed a new silicone gasket in your pressure cooker, there’s no need for special cleaning. Just a quick wash would do.

There’s a myth that rubber and silicone should be soaked well with water before installation to make it stronger, but it’s not true. The reason is, neither rubber nor silicone can absorb water, so soaking wouldn’t do any good. 

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What can we do ? 

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Pressure cooker

We are manufacturer and supplier of the pressure cooker and pressure cooker spare parts. With more than 30 years experience, we can make product at the best solution. Hope we can cooperate with you in near future.


Q1: Do the material with food safe certificate?

A1: Yes, LFGB, FDA as requested.

Q2: How is the delivery?

A2: Usually about 30days for one order.

Q3: How long is the life of a pressure cooker sealing ring?

A3: Usually one or two years, you’d better change to new Sealing Ring.


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