Silicone Replacement Pan Lid

Item: Silicone universal lid silicone smart lid silicone smart cover multi sizes.

Airtight, leak-proof, BPA-free lid is dishwasher free, freezer and microwave safe.

Heat resistant: the Silicone Replacement Pan Lid can stand temperature of -40 ~180 degree centigrade, Baking and freezing remain soft and not deformed.

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Features of  Xianghai  silicone glass lids

Material: Tempered glass, silicone ring

Thickness of glass : 4mm

Silicone with various customized color,make the lid colorful.

More sizes :20 cm (8 in), 22cm, 24cm, 26 cm (10 in) and 28 cm (11 in) kitchen cookware universal pan lid Premier Class saucepan covers are also available 

Practical design: Steam vents and heat-resistant Silicone knobs make it safe

Use information: Oven safety up to 180°C(356°F) and Dishwasher safe

Extremely tough: made of transparent tempered glass with stainless steel edges that prevent fragmentation. Versatile clear glass lid for full cooking

Silicone has a certain sealing property, which can prevent heat and water loss. Steam release vents minimize the risk of liquid boiling over.

The Universal Lid for Pots can be conveniently and compact stored in a kitchen cabinet, Easy to clean under running water or in the dishwasher.

Universal pan lid (4)
Universal pan lid (2)
Universal pan lid (1)

Features of  Xianghai  silicone glass lids

  1. 1. The silicone must be tightly adhered to the glass cover, and it is not easy to peel off by hand. This means that the 11 Inch silicone Glass Lid is qualified during production.
  2. 2. There is no dust and obvious impurities on the surface of silica gel.
  3. 3. Silicone heat resistant about 200 degrees, about half an hour, meet the temperature test.
  4. 4.The package is complete and the outer box is strong, which can meet the delivery requirements.
silicone glass lid
silicone glass lid (2)

How to maintain the silicone glass lids?

First, to avoid keeping the silicone glass lids direct sunlight for a long time, the sun is too strong for the aging of silicone is fatal, Silicone is generally black, strong heat absorption ability, so it will lead to a rise in temperature, so that its physical properties change, the direct result is becoming soft.

Second, avoid high temperature environment, as mentioned earlier, direct sunlight will cause high temperature deformation. Another bad thing about the heat is that it causes the silicone to melt.

Third, the preservation environment of Xianghai E-type glass wrapped silica gel strip should be dry, which is also an important factor to prevent its aging. 

Factory pictures in production

Silicone glass lid production (4)
Silicone glass lid production (1)
Silicone glass lid production (3)
Silicone glass lid production (2)

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