Which kind of silicone glass cover is good

About food safe Silicone

Silicone universal lid (2) The taste of silicone products comes from those who want to save costs silica gel manufacturers, the use of them is environmentally unfriendly, inexpensive ordinary vulcanizing agent, vulcanizing agent is a catalyst to promote the vulcanizing molding of silicone raw materials, qualified vulcanizing agent will evaporate after the molding of silicone products, there will be only a small part of the residue,  48 hours will evaporate. Vulcanizing agent will not cause harm to the human body, but the cheap vulcanizing agent will have a pungent taste, which will affect the quality of silicone products. So How to tell better quality silicone glass pan cover, the first way is smell, choose odorless silicone products.

Silicone products in the selection of vulcanizing agent, horizontal silicone glass cover, while avoiding 200 degrees, 155 degrees, 150 degrees of vulcanizing agent, because if the stability is too high will produce aging problems. The silicone pan cover which is cheap, the quality is not guaranteed.

Silicone rubber product advantages:

1. Silicone rubber can be used for a long time at a temperature of -60 ° C to 200 ° C, and has been elastic, with very strong high and low temperature resistance

2. Silicone rubber, as a product with excellent dielectric properties, can not be affected by temperature

3. Silicone rubber products can be used indoors for a long time without changing and have a very long life.

4. Silicone rubber products in the production process, the process is simple, silicone glass cover which is good, convenient processing, easy molding, processing methods are very rich.

For the silicone glass lid, there is another factor that is important. The glass lid would also be Tempered, which ensure the use and serving life for the cookware lid.  

Silicone Smart Lid with Strainer (2)


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