China Bakelite Long Handle-Following Standard of EN12983

Cookware is a must in our daily life, with the development of science and technology, the progress of humanity, people are more and more demanding for the use of Cookware.

 Cookware Bakelite long handle is one of the important components of the pot, the durability of the pot handle directly affects the service life of the pot and the safety factor of people using the pan or pot process.

The bakelite long handle bending test machine is a test machine that achieves the ultimate force of the test pot handle by applying force to the pot handle. Most Testing comapny, such as SGS, TUV Rein, Intertek, they can do the test for Cookware long handles. Now in the world, how to verify the Bakelite long handle meet the safe standard, and the industry standard? There is one answer. 

Most of you would know the EN-12983, which has been formulated and issued by the European Union, it is a kind of standard for Cookware, including the cookware handles. Here are some steps for the test of Bakelite handle. 


Results according to:  NF EN 12983-1
ACCORDING: Bending strength§ 7.5
METHOD: The handle fixing system shallwithstand a bending force of 100N without failure of the securing system (rivets, weld, …), usually it is about 10kgs weight at the end of handle, keep about half and hour, to see whether the handles would be bent or broken.
If Bakelite long handle is just been bent, not broken, it is passed. If broken, it is failed. 
We can ensure our bakelite handles pass the test, follow with the test standard. The other test for bakelite handles are too check the performace. Test whether the handle will be moldy, whether the surface is smooth, and whether there are burrs. These factors also are important for the bakelite long handle.  

Bakelite handle HS:  3926909090 
Bakelite long handle Bending testBakelite long handle test

Post time: Jul-25-2023