Why does the Pressure Cooker Release valve keep leaking air?

The pressure cooker valve (also called the exhaust valve) of the pressure cooker is installed for safety purposes.

Its working principle is that when the air pressure in the pot reaches a certain level, the pressure limiting valve will automatically release the air pressure to avoid an explosion. However, leaking air from the pressure limiting valve does not necessarily mean it is broken. There may be a problem with the pressure cooker sealing ring at the lid of the pot.

First, check whether the pressure limiting valve is installed correctly, and secondly, check whether the silicone rubber seal is damaged. If the first two aspects are normal, you may need to consider replacing the rubber ring because it may be too small.

In addition, if there is always air leakage at the pressure release valve, there will be exhaust during the pressure maintaining stage during normal operation, which is normal. However, if the pressure-limiting valve itself does not fit well and there is constant air leakage during operation, then please consider replacing the pressure-limiting valve.

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The pressure limiting valve is one of the core elements of the pressure cooker, which can ensure that the pressure in the pot is controlled within a safe range. The silicone sealing ring plays a sealing role to ensure that the food in the pot maintains its taste and flavor. The Bakelite handle is designed to be comfortable and provide a good grip while providing effective heat insulation. Spare Parts on the lid include vent tubes, dust cover filters, which can release different pressures and adjust the temperature in the pot. We are committed to providing high-quality accessories to meet our customers' needs and maintain long-lasting use and performance for their pressure cookers. Our cooker accessories are reliable, durable, easy to replace and clean, ensuring customers an excellent experience.

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Post time: Nov-24-2023