Roasting Pan Rack-The best seller cookware spare parts of Year 2023

What’s the most popular cookware spare parts in year 2023? I think it is the Roaster Racks. Please see below my introduction. 

Roasting pan rack Oven rack (1)

Stainless steel or iron chrome Oven racks serve multiple practical functions in the oven.

First, they separate food and fat, preventing excess fat and preserving the taste and quality of food.

Secondly, when you grill meat and other food, the oil can drip through the grid, preventing the food from being soaked with oil and reducing the greasy feeling.

In addition, when making cakes, baking cookies and other foods that need to be cooled, the Baking rack can be placed on the grid to dissipate heat and cooling through the grill wire rack to ensure that the food is cooled quickly and evenly.


The general process for producing stainless steel Rack or iron chrome-plated Grill Racks is as follows:

1. Material preparation: Use stainless steel or iron chrome-plated wire with a Diameter of 3-4mm as the base material.

2. Bending: According to the dimensions on the Grill wire rack design drawing, use special tools to bend the wire into the shape required by the grid.

3. Welding: Welding equipment is used to spot weld the bent wires to ensure the structural stability of the Roasting pan rack.

4. Processing: The Baking rack can be surface treated as needed, such as chrome plating or other anti-corrosion treatments to increase its durability and aesthetics.

5. Support: According to the design requirements of Roasting pan rack, foot can be added to the grid to enhance its stability and load-bearing capacity.

6. During the production process, it is important to ensure that dimensions are accurate, and measuring tools can be used to take precise measurements to ensure that the product meets specifications. It is also very important to control the quality of materials, making sure to use high-quality stainless steel or iron chrome-plated wire rack to ensure the strength and durability of the product.

S.S steamer rack

Roaster with rack-

We are professional factory, and have the Roaster rack in various shapes, round, triangle,square, etc. They can be called by function, cooling rack, Baking rack, Grill rack,Roasting rack. There is one style can fit your cookware. Please contact us for inquiry.

Post time: Sep-15-2023