How to produce an aluminum spout ?

How to produce an aluminum spout, there are the following steps:

1. The raw material is aluminum alloy plate. The first step is to roll it into an aluminum tube, which requires the machine to complete, roll and press the edge firmly;

2. Going to the next step, Use another machine to press the neck of the spout. The kettle mouth part is slightly smaller than the rest of the kettle spout and cut out the pointed part of the spout.

production step (1)-production step (2)

3. Bending machine: Bend the aluminum tube into the shape of the kettle nozzle. This step will press in two positions. One at the mouth, the other at the neck. Shaped like the neck of a goose, this way helps the water to pour out easily.

4. Expansion machine: The use of water high pressure to blow the aluminum tube, so that the uneven surface of the aluminum tube becomes smooth.

5. Make a collar for the spout of the kettle so that it is much easier to assemble on the Aluminum kettle, and the spout will not leak once it is pressed together.

production step (3)production step (4)

6. Surface treatment: There are usually two kinds of surface treatment, one is metal cleaning, the other is polishing. The metal wash is a little matte, the polish is shiny. Both of these are decided by the customer, are good to use, and have a long service life.

Aluminum Kettle Spouts polished finishAluminum Kettle Spouts polishing finish

7. Packaging: Because the kettle spout is a semi-finished product, only the spare parts of the kettle, most of the packaging is bulk packaging.

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Post time: Feb-05-2024