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Chinese National holiday 2023

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 29, 2023. Then, October 1 to October 6 is the National Day holiday. It's an Chinese annual holiday. In order to meet the double festival, our company has carried out a thorough cleaning and product sorting in advance. Our showing Room are displaying all kinds of induction diskCookware long handles, and many other products. We need to cleaning some of them, and update some new products on it. On this reunion day, our company also carried out a group building, in the form of dinner to celebrate the festival. The company has a generous welfare, preparing moon cakes for each employee.  Start our holiday with a lot of happiness and joy. 

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The National holiday is the birthday of our motherland, this birthday does not come easily. During this holiday, In the moment of enjoying today's happy life, we must not forget the heroes who gave their precious lives for the arrival of this day. We should have patriotic enthusiasm, with diligent learning attitude, to return the motherland, return to society! On the occasion of mother's birthday, present gifts to her!

On this day of reunion, our company also held team-building activities and celebrated the holiday with a dinner party. Team building activities not only allow employees to relax and enjoy delicious food, but also enhance team cohesion and communication and collaboration skills.  In addition, our company's welfare policy is also very generous. In order to let employees feel the warmth and care of the festival, the company specially prepared Mid-Autumn moon cakes for each employee. This moon cakes are traditional food for Chinese mid-autumn festival. This union not only recognizes and rewards employees for the hard work, but also conveys the company's emphasis on employee welfare. Such caring measures undoubtedly make us feel gratified and happy. With full happiness and joy, we begin our vacation of rest and relaxation.

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Gathering for National holiday (2)During the holiday Whether we are reunited with family or traveling, this time has brought us precious time and full of memories. When we return to work, we have fully experienced and enjoyed this double holiday. Thus we can continue to maintain a positive work attitude and a spirit of unity and collaboration to make greater contributions to the development of our company. If you like our company, please contact us for business.  All the products universal pan handles, Phenolic pan handles are waiting for your choose.

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