How to produce an aluminum kettle?

Aluminum kettle production is not complicated, it is made of a piece of metal after a one-time stamping and forming, do not need joints, so feel particularly light, very fall resistant, but the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, if used to hold hot water will be particularly hot, not heat insulation. How to produce it? Please see below.

1. Sorting aluminum sheets

The raw material of the aluminum Kettle is these small aluminum sheets , which are sorted and arranged by a special slide. Or we can buy material from supplier.

2. Stamping

Each small aluminum sheet is subjected to 600 tons of impact pressure and is shaped into an aluminum bottle in a flash, which is then cut to the right height with a turning knife. The shape of kettle is ready.

3. Produce Kettle neck

The secret to being a Kettle neck is "work hard and do wonders." It sounds so simple and rude... It actually takes 26 different calibers to "gently" squeeze the open diameter of the aluminum cake to half its original size.

The body of the stretched kettle is put into the mold of the mouth shrinking machine. When the mouth shrinking machine runs, the size of the water spout will be reduced by extrusion.


Other info of Aluminum Kettle:

Because aluminum itself is very soft, a small amount of a metal such as manganese is added to make it aluminum. Aluminum is easily oxidized at room temperature, and alumina is basically harmless to people, that is, as long as there is an oxide layer, it will be safe. However, contact with acidic liquid can erode the oxide layer and bring the aluminum directly into contact with the liquid, so that the aluminum can be dissolved into the liquid in small amounts, which is harmful to the body.

In chemical properties, aluminum and aluminum alloy and there is no big difference, so as long as the water, and do not use hard objects to destroy the inner wall of the oxide layer can be basically safe use. Don't leave drinking water in an aluminum kettle for too long, and try not to leave it overnight.

Post time: May-15-2023