Cookware Bakelite handles,How much info do you know?

Traditionally, people often use bakelite, electrical, nylon, plastic, rubber, ceramic and other insulating materials as matrix electrical appliances collectively referred to as bakelite electrical appliances. It is the indispensable electrical connector between the appliance and the power supply, or the switch that opens and closes the circuit. Bakelite appliances mainly include lamp holder, wire box, switch, plug, socket and so on. The production of this kind of Bakelite pan handles is large, the use of a wide range, is the most widely used in the family of household electrical appliances.


The Origin of bakelite material

The secretions of some trees often form resins, but amber is a fossil of resins, and shellac, though also considered resins, is a deposit secreted by shellac insects on trees. Shellac paint, made from shellac, was originally used only as a preservative for wood, but with the invention of electric motors became the first insulating paint used. In the 20th century, however, electrification could no longer be met by natural products, prompting a search for new and cheaper alternatives.

In the 19th century, the German chemist A. Bayer first found that phenol and formaldehyde could quickly form a reddish brown lump or gunk when heated under acidic conditions, but the experiment was stopped because they could not be purified by classical methods.

In 20th century, Baekeland and his assistants also carried out the research, initially with the hope of making insulating paint instead of natural resins. After three years of hard work, finally in the summer of 1907, they not only made insulating paint, but also made a real synthetic plastic material, Bakelite. It's known as bakelite.

One day in the following, the German chemist Beyer, doing experiments with phenol and formaldehyde in a flask, found that a sticky substance had formed inside.

After years experiments, it turns out that what used to be "annoying" is now too "pleasing". The Phenolic does not seeping water, heat does not deformation, has a certain mechanical strength. It is easy to process, but also has good insulation, which is just emerging for the electrical industry, What a big invention. Therefore, it is widely used in the production of electric brakes, light switches, lamp holders, telephone and other electrical supplies, for which it obtained the name bakelite. However, we want to introduce it is use in cookware industry, making it as pan handles, pot handles. We have various kinds of cookware handles made of Bakelite.

Post time: May-15-2023