Company Birthday Ceremony-Ningbo Xianghai

This Month August is our company birthday month, so we had a celebration ceremony for memorize.

In this afternoon, we prepared cakes,Pizza and snacks at the break time, to memorize the birthday of our company.  

At the wonderful moment of the company’s birthday welfare reunion, we have the opportunity to review the company’s efforts and gains every year, and look forward to a better prospect for next year.

By summarizing the efforts and achievements of the past year, we can better plan our future development direction. Looking back over the past year, we see a lot of time and effort from team members. Whether it is to complete the project or meet the challenge, everyone has played their own advantages and made contributions to the development of the company. Their diligence and pursuit of excellence in their daily work has allowed the company to continue to improve and grow.

And in terms of harvest in the past year, we have witnessed many successful projects and important milestones. Through teamwork and hard work, we have achieved a series of remarkable achievements. This not only strengthens our market position, but also improves our customer satisfaction. We have also gained many valuable experiences and lessons, which will bring more opportunities and challenges for future development. Although we have experienced some ups and downs in the past year, we have always adhered to the values of unity, collaboration, and innovation. This makes us a stronger team, constantly striving for excellence. We each have important responsibilities and work hard to move the company forward.

Looking ahead to next year, we look forward to meeting new challenges and opportunities. We believe that through the strength of unity and continuous efforts, next year’s achievements will be even more brilliant. We will continue to focus on customer needs and provide better products and services. At the same time, we will also devote ourselves to staff training and team building to continuously improve our ability and professional level. 

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This celebration makes our colleagues become closer and more united.

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Post time: Aug-11-2023